Monday, April 5, 2010

New Adventures in Old New Mexico

Over the weekend, Zips and I trekked an hour up north to Truth or Consequences, NM to see what could be seen. We were met with an odd mix of artsy-crafty hippies, hot-springs spa tourists, and economically depressed townies. We did go for the hot spring soaks and really can't wait to go back.
The geothermal heated mineral waters did, in fact, seem to have healing properties for us. We got to lounge around in thin cotton robes, slather ourselves in locally-made lavender and lemon balm scented skin care, and just in general chillax. We each bought cheap paperbacks and packed an in-room picnic (apples, grapes, cheeses, crackers, and cookies). Unfortunately, the beds were too high off the ground and, like the pillows, TOO HARD. (That was a bit counterproductive to the hot springs soak.)

One charming little shop we found is Black Cat Books & Coffee, a clean, quaint place with a nice range of used books and good-looking blank books, and a friendly owner more than happy to share pics of her adorable kitty, Leonore, and the original Black Cat, Mr. Po. I shared pics of Zips with her in return.
Another happy discovery is Cafe Bella Luca, a swanky italian joint that, while it doesn't have a ton of veg-friendly choices, the ones offered there are deeeelicious.
Zips ordered the daily special, homemade spinach ricotta ravioli, and feeling adventurous, I went for the eggplant parmesan (which was awesome). The pasta was indeed homemade and fresh. They also had the best cappuccino we've had in a while, and both of us have newly-formed addictions to it.
We were so stuffed and happy that we came back the next afternoon for their white pizza (roasted garlic, spinach, and cheese). It was one of the best that I've had. On our way out of town to return home, I realized I'd left my leftover eggplant parm in the fridge where we'd stayed, so I actually turned the car around to fetch it again. Totally worth it, I had it for dinner the next day.
We look forward to going up again, since it makes a nice day trip or a nice overnight. Because of the beds, Zips is reluctant to stay at the same place, but I would-- maybe if we brought our own pillows. It's nice to be someplace close to home, but with access to real water!
Check out the Rio Grande! It was surprisingly cold!


Ranner said...

Hi there, I do website updates to the Sierra County NM Tourism website. I was happy to read that you enjoyed your trip to Truth or Consequences! Would you mind if I put a link to your blog on the Tourism site's Press Page? Please advise! Thanks, Ruanna

Jessica said...

Hi there - I own BellaLuca, glad you enjoyed your stay in our wonderful community and that you were able to find menu items that pleased you with us!!

Thanks for the mention on your blog.

Can we put a link on our website?

Z said...

Thanks for both of your comments! I'd be absolutely thrilled to be linked to both of you! Yes and Yes!

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